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Austrian Sustainable Mobility is an association in the field of sustainable mobility. It is comprised of active clubs, companies, organizations and individuals. Austrian Sustainable Mobility is striving for better conditions and awareness for sustainable mobility. The main focus of its activities includes electric vehicles, vegetable oil vehicles and hybrid technology. The purpose of Austrian Sustainable Mobility is to provide a nation-wide network of individuals and organizations that are involved in various forms of sustainable mobility either through development or support. Austrian Sustainable Mobility also has a mission to create European and Global sustainable mobility networks. Through its activities, Austrian Sustainable Mobility wishes to promote all innovative forms of environmentally friendly mobility. Information, studies, consumer and test ratings and other relevant documents in the field of sustainable mobility will be made available for interested parties. Austrian Sustainable Mobility believes the exchange of knowledge in all aspects of environmentally friendly forms of mobility should be promoted and supported. Austrian Sustainable Mobility aims to assist the exposure and awareness of sustainable mobility through public relations and lobbying. There are currently about 3.300 electric cars and countless vegetable oil vehicles on the roads in Austria. In addition there are numerous two-wheeled vehicles such as electric bikes, electric scooters and electric motorcycles. Austrian Sustainable Mobility has in its affiliation technical advisors who have considerable years of experience in service and maintenance of electric vehicles and who have dealt for several years with the substitution of vegetable oil for fossils fuel and have had their vehicles converted accordingly.